Solutions to fit your needs

“We are lovers, not fighters”.

Gold Shield’s strength comes from it’s belief in partnering with vendors to enhance an agencies current in-house systems. The BlueLINE suite of software gives an agency the ability to choose those technologies that would best suite their needs. The result is a WIN for the law enforcement community.

This software has enabled us to become more proficient and has already helped to get wanted people off of the streets, as well as drivers with suspended licenses. My only question to myself is why didn’t we get it sooner?
— Chief S Holloway, Eutawville, SC

Mobile NCIC queries

BlueLINE Query™ allows access to secure database throughout the country including NCIC, NLETS and State CJIS data. License and registration checks * DMV Photos * Wanted Persons * Stolen Vehicles * Criminal History * Stolen Guns * Sex Offender * Drivers History * Boats * Stolen Articles * Pawn Shops * Protective Orders * Gang Members * Stolen Securities * Missing Persons * Administrative Messages *

Returned Query data is spoken back to the officers, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road. Audible and visual alerts quickly make an officer aware of any possible danger.

**Some queries are state CJIS specific.

It doesn’t kick us off like our old system and it’s a faster response.
— Pink Hill PD, NC

I love the way Gold Shield and our vendor work together. It is much faster and smoother than our old system.
— Stapleton PD, GA

electronic ticketing & Payment Processing

Still hand writing tickets? Why? Your agency can utilize the BlueLINE eTicketing to auto-populate tickets, warnings and any other forms or reports required. With the click of a button, officers can print warning and citations in car, cutting down dramatically on the time of a traffic stop. Tickets are available for immediate payment via the BlueLINE payment portal. All citation information is seamlessly sent to RMS or Court interfaces.

Need a reliable payment processor for tickets or city utilities? We make it easy to streamline your court payments into one system, allowing court officials to quickly get the information they.

With BlueLINE eTicketing, citation information can be uploaded to state portals, eliminating the need to key in data into disparate systems.

Information Sharing

This is where it all comes together. Information Sharing is the key to getting critical data into the hands of the officers in the field. BlueCOM allows law enforcement agencies to instantly share investigative information so officers in the field can more quickly identity possible patterns, connections or relationships between persons of interest.

The information sharing is a great way to gain extra information on the people we are involved with. Most agencies run a driver’s license or license plate and dispatch reveals the license is valid/suspended and if the subject has outstanding warrants. Gold Shield Technologies takes it a step further! For everyone who agrees to be involved in the information sharing network, we all get EXTRA information. Knowledge is power in my book...
— Asst Chief R. Null, Santee PD SC

Officers are able to run NCIC queries and automatically hit surrounding disparate databases at the same time, bringing the information back in an easy to read format. Agencies can share Roll Call notes, upload pictures and files, sign up for overtime jobs or set tasks and alerts right from their phone or desktop.

advanced vehicle location

BlueLINE Mapping™ allows officers to see both street map and aerial views of any location providing better situational awareness. Get up to date information on where officers are in the field, heightening officer safety. Cut response times to incidents by sending the officer who is closest to the scene.

No need to purchase extra equipment to use the BlueLINE AVL. In most cases, we can utilize the wireless device to pinpoint vehicle locations.

Just wanted to let you know that Surfside Beach called me about y’all. I told him how great y’all are and he would be silly not to choose you! Keep up the good work!!
— Chief Detter, Holly Hill PD, SC


Messaging/silent dispatch

BlueLINE Messenger™ is an internal, law enforcement only messaging system. A proprietary system that allows “silent dispatching” to an officer on the road from internal machines. Send individual messages or broadcasts to an entire agency or region of the state.

I like the software a lot more than what we were using. Certain features are much better in Gold Shield than they were with our old vendor.
— Wayne Co Sheriffs Office, NC

The software is so intuitive. I love it.
— Liberty PD, NC

License Plate REader Hit Confirmation

Does your department have an Automatic Licenses Plate Recognition system? The data in these systems can be up to 60 days old. Officers need up to date, live information prior to stopping a vehicle. With the BlueLINE Hit Integration, LPR hits are immediately run live through NCIC, without input needed from the officers.

Responses are sent back to the officer with audible and visual cues, allowing the officer to keep their eyes on the road, not the screen. Information on the screen is read back to the officer, increasing their understanding of the situation at hand.