Teaming together helps law enforcement!

If you read through our website you will notice that one page reads “We are lovers, not fighters”. It seems somewhat cliche in today’s world, but it gets to the heart of how Gold Shield views our space. We understand that each department is different and has their own software needs and tools. That is why BlueLINE software integrates with any RMS, Court or 911 systems. The result is a customization platform that works within a departments current software systems to enhance what an agency has in place.

Through our partnerships, we have met many incredible people who are as concerned about officers and their safety as we are. When great partnerships happen, everyone wins! If we continue to put law enforcement as our main focus, we know we can’t lose. Much thanks to our partners- past, present and future for sharing in our goals, we are truly blessed!

We are better together.....

Gold Shield recently attended a CJIS conference where we truly enjoyed meeting the officers that use the BlueLINE system in the field. The officer’s stories of how the system helped them in one way or another is always fascinating to listen to, but as much as we attend conferences to show our products and see our customer, we also like to see our “vendor families”.

What are “vendor families”? These are the people that attend conferences with you. Often their booths are beside you, across from or behind you. I have met most of them while overtaking their space with our large display setup, or having to crawl around on the floor behind them as we plug in equipment.

Many of our vendor family members have been with us for 10+ years and we have truly grown connected to them. Often we look forward to seeing them a few times throughout the year. This year, one of our vendor family members surprised us with an awesome gift…. Handmade blankets that he had knitted himself! They were gorgeous! Each one different and amazing. It was a gift that each of us will cherish.

So, here is a shout out to our vendor families! We have been together, through great conferences and those that we have pondered about returning to the next year. We have swapped stories of children we have never met, but feel like we have watched grow up. We know the names of each others dogs and cats and feel a sadness when we learn of a passing. The vendor family is an extended family that we are grateful to have in our lives. We appreciate working and partnering with all of you. Be well and see ya’ all soon enough!