I can’t enthusiastically tell you enough how much I love your software. It has been working like a champ and I have made some really good cases by using it this past week! Love it!
— Chief Jarrod Goldman, Salley PD SC

NCIC/NLETS Queries, Voice Readback, Information Sharing, Electronic Tickets, Silent Dispatch/Secure Messaging, Vehicle Location, License Plate Readers (LRP), Hit Validations, Payment Processing, CAD/RMS/Court Integrations and More.

In the last year I can attribute the following ticket increases almost soley to Gold Shield:
Driving Under Suspension up 109%
Improper Tags up 202%
Poss of Drugs/Para up 115%
Uninsured Vehicles up 141%”
— Chief Josh Detter, Holly Hill PD SC

Not all law enforcement agencies are the same.

…but no matter your size or your geographic location, all law enforcement officers need access to critical data in the field to make the best decisions. Gold Shield Technologies provides officers with the tools they need to get the job done and at a price any agency can afford. With our TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT program, a law enforcement agency can use the system free for 30 days.

We love it when our officers let us know how BlueLINE helps them in the field.

The best NCIC software I have ever used and I will be telling other agencies about it.
— Twin City PD, GA
On our very first day with the service, we located numerous suspended license plates that were suspended by the state for a lapse of insurance coverage. We were able to stop those vehicles and have them towed off of the road.
— Asst Chief Null, Santee PD SC